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This amazing co-sleeping bedside functions as a bedside bassinet, a free standing bassinet as well as a Moses basket. New legislation in the EU requires a bedside bassinet to sit 12cm below the adult bed. This latest version of the Bednest has a folding feature in the side so that at 12 cm, it can fold outwards at 90° and rest on the adult mattress.

  • see-through mesh provides plenty of airflow and one side opens for easy access
  • the Bednest frame is fully height adjustable and can be tilted to help with reflux and set up to the exact height of your adult bed
  • suits baby from newborn until he/she can pull him/herself up to sitting 
  • straps are provided so you can secure it to your bed - a short strap for a bed frame and a long for an ensemble bed
  • quickly assembled (in 2 min) without the use of any tools and folds flat for convenient storage between babies

Benefits of co-sleeping:

  • enhances the bond between you and your baby
  • convenient for you to attend to your baby
  • when baby stirs, you are right there to settle him/her back to sleep
  • easier to breastfeed at night – especially if recovering from a caesarean
  • co-sleeping in the same room but different bed is proven to give the best outcomes for baby & parents
  • while sleeping the side must be fully up

Made in Europe from beech wood.

The Bednest mattress measures 84cm x 38cm and has a HD foam core with a washable cover.

Suitable for a bed with a maximum height of 66cm from the floor to the top of the mattress.

If your bedframe extrudes more than 7.5cm from the mattress, the Bednest is not suitable to be used as a bedside sleeper attached to the bed and with the side down.

The Bednest meets all current European standards which require the opening side to have a half fold of 90°. Please refer to the Bednest User Guide for safe setup.

Bednest User Guide

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