Create your dream nursery

Discover our beautiful range of baby furniture and accessories to create a serene and nurturing nursery, blending comfort, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.


 Make your cot the centrepiece

Choose Leander or Troll nursery cots with matching dressers in white or woodgrain finishes. Create a serene nursery ambiance by adding a soft pastel colour like soft pink blue, sage, or sand. Integrate natural accents and use soft textiles in complementary pastel shades to achieve a cohesive and comforting atmosphere throughout the nursery.

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Pair with a comfy feeding chair

Our Quax nursing chair combines style and practicality, making feeding your baby a joyful experience. Ergonomically designed for optimal comfort, it features an integrated headrest and supportive armrests for added relaxation. Choose from Sand Grey, Sheep, and Stone fabrics.

 Choose your perfect changing solution

Explore our range of changing solutions tailored to fit your nursery's needs and space. Choose from options like the Leander Linea change table, dresser-compatible changing units, the Wally wall-mounted changing table, or the convenient Leander Matty change mat. With multiple choices available, you'll find the perfect fit for your nursery.

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 Add the final touches

Use soft, plush textiles such as luxury bedding, soft toys, nursing cushions, and storage solutions in complementing pastel shades to tie the room together.

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