Stig Leander Nielson Founder of Leander Furniture

The Danish tradition of making beautiful and functional furniture is alive and well thanks to people like Stig Leander.

Innovative thinking and an ability to see and unite shape and function has seen him create a unique pieces of furniture for children. Designs that make a positive difference and that encourage play, movement and creativity and that make life with children a little easier. All made with high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Stig Leander's ideas emerge from a need; a problem that needs to be solved. Like his very first product which was designed for his sister-in-law who was expecting twins. Stig was thinking about how she would hold both or whether there was a cradle that could soothe the one that was not in her arms. In his mind he saw a moving cradle because movement soothes babies.

Next came his criteria of development. The design had to stimulate the child and the gentle movements of a suspended cradle would stimulate the baby's sense of balance and orientation. The result was the stunning Leander Cradle, launched in 2001 and its popularity encouraged him to establish Leander Furniture which today has many wonderful products and designs in its portfolio.

Today the same design philosophy it all began with still applied: design and function have to come together. That each item of furniture should fit the child and never in the reverse order. Leander is no ordinary furniture manufacturer. Leander is a way of thinking. A feeling and a unique approach to materials, designs and function.

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