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Baby safety gates are devices that can be installed in your home to prevent your child from accessing areas that may pose a risk, such as stairs, fireplaces, kitchens, or bathrooms. When choosing a baby safety gate, some factors to consider include; the location of the gate, the size and type of the opening you want to secure, whether you want to hardware-mount or pressure-mount your gate, and the design of your safety gate.

The location of a baby gate is important to ensure your child’s safety and your convenience. You should install a baby gate where there is a risk of significant harm or injury to your child, such as falling around stairs, access to toxic chemicals or sharp objects. Most BabyDan gates are suitable for use around stairs on the provision they are placed 30cm or more from the initial step. (Please note, the BabyDan Pressure Fit Gate is not recommended around stairs as the bottom support bar may pose as a tripping hazard). Other potential safety areas you may want to protect your child from include; fireplaces, stoves, or kitchens.

Size and type of opening you want to secure.
Remember to measure! Once you have decided where the safety gate is to be installed, you must remember to measure the opening that the safety gate needs to cover. This way you can be sure that you are choosing a safety gate that will fit well. It also ensures that it can be installed correctly, so that it works as intended and keeps your child safe.
If you are installing a safety gate for a door, you must measure the distance between the door frames. Some gates are adjustable and can fit various widths (such as the BabyDan Multi Dan and Flexi Fit gates), while others are fixed and may need extensions or adapters for the perfect fit (such as the BabyDan Premier Pressure Fit gate with Extensions).

If you want to install a safety gate around a fireplace, you need to remember to measure some distance away from the fireplace. Start your measurement at least 90 cm away from an open fireplace. This ensures that your child is kept at a safe distance and cannot get too close to the hot flames. At the same time, you also ensure that the safety gate does not become too hot to touch. The Flex Configure System is an ideal protective barrier that is available in flexible configurations, making it an ideal system to protect around larger and more awkward shaped areas.
BAydan Baby fence across glass doors with child looking to the outside
BabyDan Flex Configure System in Large as shown in black.

Hardware-mount vs pressure-mount.
Hardware-mounted gates are the most secure and stable, however they do require drilling holes in the wall or door frame. We believe they are the safest choice for the top of stairs, where falling is a high risk. Pressure-mounted gates are a great alternative for other locations around the home if you do not want to drill holes. These gates are held in place via pressure between the walls, without needing to use screws or leaving marks on walls or door frames. Pressure-mounted gates, such as the BabyDan Premier Pressure Fit Gate are easier to install and remove and have an integrated safety indicator that shows whether a pressure mounted safety gate is installed correctly.

At BabyDan, safety is the utmost priority in everything they do. They take pride in developing and manufacturing their products at their own factory in Denmark, ensuring exceptional quality, sustainability, and safety. These gates comply with rigorous European standards such as EN 1930:2000, EN 1930:2011, and EN 71. They undergo extensive testing to prevent children from getting stuck or caught while ensuring stability even if a child runs into them. Material compliance is also given high importance to avoid any presence of harmful substances. Most of our gates are available in two colours (black or white). Alternatively, you may prefer a safety gate that can be tucked away neatly for occasional use such as the BabyDan Guard Me gate. With sustainability and quality at the forefront of BabyDan’s design ethos, you’ll be sure to find a safety solution to any risks in your home.

To find out which BabyDan gate best suits your needs, view our comparison chart here.

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We recommend First Steps Safe Steps in NSW and Home Safe Kids in VIC for their expert home safety consultancy and installation.
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BabyDan Guard Me Gate as shown in white.