About BabyDan

BabyDan is a leading company dedicated to ensuring the safety of homes for children. They are known worldwide for their high-quality safety products and commitment to meeting European standards.
With over 75 years of experience, they are experts in child safety and offer a wide range of products including safety gates and childproofing items.

Keep your baby safe

At BabyDan, safety is the utmost priority in everything they do. They take pride in developing and manufacturing their products at their own factory in Denmark, ensuring exceptional quality, sustainability, and safety.
Constant testing and improvement are carried out to ensure that their products are user-friendly, safe, and environmentally friendly. When you choose a BabyDan product, you can trust that it is a safe Danish design crafted from premium materials. They understand the significance of having a gate that serves as an easy and intelligent helper for the entire family.
These gates comply with rigorous European standards such as EN 1930:2000, EN 1930:2011, and EN 71. They undergo extensive testing to prevent children from getting stuck or caught while ensuring stability even if a child runs into them. Material compliance is also given high importance to avoid any presence of harmful substances.
Moreover, BabyDan holds ISO 14001 certification for environmental standards. This means they strive to minimise resource waste, energy consumption, and environmental impact as much as possible.
To cater to different home decors, BabyDan offers safety gates in black and white versions. This allows you to select a gate that not only prioritises safety but also matches the overall design of your home. These products are chemical-free and certified free of bisphenol A (BPA), phthalates, and PVC - prioritising children's health and safety during playtime and exploration.

Safety locks and childproofing products are worth their weight in gold.

At BabyDan, they prioritise sustainability because they believe it goes hand-in-hand with child safety.
Their safety locks and childproofing products provide peace of mind by reducing the risk of accidents at home. This allows you to enjoy quality time with your child without worrying about their safety.
They offer a wide range of childproofing products such as corner cushions, drawer and cupboard locks, and door stoppers. All these products are easy to install and use for adults. In line with our commitment to sustainability, we have recently launched a series of little home safety products made from bio-based materials. These products also come packaged in biodegradable boxes.

The BabyDan Range

Find out more about our range of BabyDan Safety Gates and Home Safety Products.

Need Help?
Professional support is here!

If you require professional assistance with installing safety measures in your home, we recommend reaching out to First Steps Safe Steps in NSW and Home Safe Kids in VIC for expert advice and consultancy services regarding home safety.

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