leander high Chair

The Leander High Chair is a modern timber high chair that brings your child to the table from baby to adult. First with a safety bar, later without. You move the seat and footrest on the frame/legs to ensure the correct setting for your child as he/she grows.

Your baby is ready to start using his/her chair when able to sit unassisted which is generally from 6 months +.

Imagine how your child will benefit from joining the adults! Not only do they learn to socialise but they can also use the table for a whole range of activities. We are  there, too, comfortable on our chairs, joining in or doing another task.

Once your child is tall enough, the foot rest - the bigger plate - becomes the seat and the smaller plate is obsolete. Your choice is now whether to leave the chair at the table or to move it to the child’s desk, keyboard or wherever you may find it useful, and use a dining chair for your child.

The Leander High Chair holds the weight of an adult (up to 130kg), so anyone in the family can use it.

It is important to notice that unlike other chairs of similar concept, the Leander High Chair has two settings on the safety bar. This gives you the opportunity to tighten it around a young child and to leave it wider for getting him/her in or out. This feature eliminates the need for a harness as the child is safely secured across the hips. Once your baby is bigger, you can leave the bar in the outer setting all the time. At around 2–2½ years of age, you should be able to take if off permanently.


The Leander High Chair also features an adjustable backrest. This ensures continous full support as the seat settings change over time. The frame of the chair (or the legs) has a slight suspension effect which makes it great to sit on for both adults and children alike - the children love the response to their movements and adults enjoy the fact that the chair adjusts to them, not the other way around! Finally, the Leander High Chair weighs just 6 kilos - easy to move.

We should also mention the beautiful, curved design and choice of material: European beech from timber plantations and non-toxic varnishes. There are 5 colour choices in the range: white, natural, whitewash, walnut or black.

The safety bar is a separate item, and is not needed if you are buying the chair for a child older than 2 1/2 years. The cushion is also sold separately and there are 7 colours to choose from, machine washable at 60°C.

  • Includes your child at the table  

  • Encourages independence and social skills   

  • Ergonomic design for correct posture   

  • From baby to adult - fully adjustable

  • Danish design Made in Europe from beech wood

  • Holds 130kg, weighs only 6kg   

  • Safety bar & back rest are also adjustable

  • Designed with flex in the frame for movement and comfort 

  • Cushions available - machine washable

Technical specifications PDF-Chair


Leander Chair Accessories 


 The padded cushions for the chair are machine washable and can be tumbledried. They are fitted to the chair with velcro and are easily removed for washing.


safety bar

You will need the safety bar if your child is younger than 2 1/2 years old. The safety bar is made from beech wood like the chair and is fitted into the back rest. The leather strap ensures your child cannot slide out.



         White                      Whitewash                  Natural                            Black                      Walnut




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