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Your child’s curiosity and mobility increases as he/she grows and the Baby Truck from Moover Toys will quickly become the favourite toy. It has wheels, it can move and it can be ridden. It can even be pulled apart and reassembled thanks to Moover Toys’s unique “click system”. Teddies or toys can fit into the cabin and under the seat and the crane can be removed. Lots to do and lots of fun.

The Baby Truck is the ideal 1st birthday present.

Made from high quality veneer plywood, the Baby Truck is designed to drive straight. It has solid timber wheels fitted with rubber tyres for good grip and wall protection. The wheels are positioned so that the Baby Truck cannot tip and your child will have a safe first experience of toys on wheels.

The Baby Truck measures 55cm(L) x 28cm(H) x 20cm(W).

Available in Natural with red or Red with yellow

DELIVERY: 3-7 days


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