In an age when so much technology is crying out for your children’s attention, it’s refreshing to know that their next favourite play mate doesn’t even require batteries. Just pull out the toy farm animals, cars and dolls and enjoy watching your child rediscover his/her creativity and imagination on a IVI Play Rug.

Our range of Play Rugs from IVI is made from top quality materials and the 3D designs are unique. The 3D effect has several advantages. Firstly, the 3rd dimension makes it easier for your child to “see” the design and fully comprehend the details and secondly, the roads are “real” and cars can move.

The rugs meet strict European Standards in terms of flammability and toxicity and your child will be safe to play for hours.

Product features:

  • Engages your child in creative play
  • Great for social interaction; your child’s friends can join them in their imaginary world
  • Different styles to suit different ages, interests and genders
  • Rugs meet European Standard EN71 1-2-3 for mechanical and physical endurance, non-flammability and the absence of toxic substances
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-static and anti-stain
  • Easy to clean


Çiftlik 100-150 cm 1000x 750 h

Roll out the playground for all your farm animals and tractors and let your children spend the day in the country. The IVI farm rug has got everything from farm house to barns, stables and fields. Available in 100 x 150cm or 134 x 180cm


TWIN HOUSES 100 x 150 cm 1000x750

This great rug features two side-by-side apartments right by the beach. They are fully furnished and ready for Barbie or Teddy to move in.  Consider the Twin Houses rug a serious alternative to a traditional dolls house with nothing to dust and easy to roll up for storage.


Traffic Blue 134-180 cm 1000x750The Traffic rugs from IVI stand Traffic Green 134-180 cm 1000x761out from  the crowd with the 3D effect applied to the roads and plush pile for everything else. There is room for plenty of cars, trucks, figurines and signage making the city landscape come alive. Available in blue or green, 100x150cm or 134x180cm.