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leander stool set

This wonderful set in European beech consists of a table and two stools. The stools have a slight swing effect in the seat which assists proper ergonomic position as well as it can adapt to and support the children's ever changing centre of gravity as they grow taller. When not in use the stools fit in under the table for easy storage.

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A table and two stools


3-7 days

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Leander Stool set

With this stunning Stool Set Leander has again proven their ability to transform an existing concept into something new and exciting while maintaining the original function.

Children's love for movement and play have inspired this design which aims to offer both simultaneously. The funky stools are designed with a swing effect in the seat which means it will move as the child sits down according to their size. This feature not only ensures a sound ergonomic sitting position but the movement the children experience also stimulates their senses. As the children grow, their centre of gravity will change and these stools can support their new sense of balance.

The stools will return to original position once the child stands up again and there is no risk of the chair being pushed out behind him/her thanks to the movement in the seat. It supports the action.

The elegant table is sturdy, yet light with ample room for games, drawing or craft and it houses the two stools when not in use.



The Stool Set is made from European beech, a trademark for Leander furniture, and is available in whitewash, walnut or white. Each set consists of a table with two stools. Suitable for children aged 2-6 years old.

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