Ivi Giraffe

Giraffe Cream RugGiraffe Mirror
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The Giraffe Rug is a playful and colourful addtion to your child's space with cute animals and sunshine.


Giraffe Cream Rug in Large 134 x 180cm only.

Please note that colours can vary slightly.


3-7 days


Prices include GST

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Ivi Interactive Play Rugs

Our range of play rugs from IVI is unique with its top quality materials and 3D designs.

IVI rugs meet the strict European Child Protection Standards, so your child will be safe to play for hours.

In an age when so much technology is crying out for your child’s attention, including video games, TV, DVD’s, and iPhone/iPads, it’s refreshing to know that their next favourite play mate doesn’t even require batteries. Just pull out your child’s toy farm animals, cars and dolls and enjoy watching them rediscover their creativity and imagination on their new IVI Play Rug.

  • Engages your child in creative play
  • Great for social interaction; your child’s friends can join them in their imaginary world
  • Different styles to suit different ages, interests and genders
  • Rugs meet European Child Protection Standards for mechanical and physical endurance, non-flammability and the absence of toxic substances
  • 100% polypropylene
  • Hypo-allergenic, anti-static and anti-stain
  • Easy to clean


              Traffic Blue



             traffic green



                mini city





              twin houses



    formula 1






            Playways pink                                                            playways turquoise

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