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Leander cradle

The stunning Leander Cradle by designer Stig Leander can be suspended either from the ceiling or from a stylish tripod for the ultimate centre piece in the nursery. The cradle creates a cosy swaying nest and is the perfect first bed for baby. Made from 100% cotton it is fully machine washable and all folds away easily for storage. Measures 83 x 50 x 30cm. From newborn to approximately 6 months.


Cradle with mattress, suspension straps and ceiling hook


3-7 days

Prices include GST

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Leander Cradle

When a little baby is born, it has for nine months been used to the swaying movements from the mother. These movements have soothed the baby, stimulated its senses and given it optimal conditions for intellectual growth. After birth, the soft and slow rhythm of the swaying has been programmed into its cells as being safe and comforting. The desire for the swaying rhythm never leaves us. We cradle the baby in our arms and we carry it in a sling. It falls asleep to the movements of the pram or the car and later the swing in the park takes them all the way to the sky. When we grow up, it is still part of life as we listen or dance to music, or as we enjoy watching the waves reach the beach. To sway is to feel secure and alive.

The idea of the Leander Cradle came to life, as designer Stig Leander Nielsen’s sister-in-law expected twins. While she was feeding one twin, the other also needed to feel safe and secure. The Cradle proved a great help. The sister-in-law, who is a health nurse, loved the idea and could see the need for a modern cradle that could meet the expectations of the latest knowledge regarding infants.




In Denmark and Northern Europe, where the Leander Cradle came onto the market in mid-2002, it has been highly sought after both from parents and institutions working with premature babies. Professionals agree, that the swaying motions of this single point suspended cradle, give both security and stimulation of the senses.

The cradle itself is not a new invention but the Leander Cradle combines design and function in a new and interesting way. The simple and sculptural design is beautiful and of the highest quality as well as very practical. It takes the traditional cradle into this millennium; timeless and modern. 

The Leander Cradle excels by having several applications. It can be suspended from a hook in the ceiling or in a tripod which allows you to move it around the house. The hook and mattress are included with the cradle and the tripod as well as the fabric canopy are separate items.

The fabric and the mattress are made of allergy tested cotton and are machine washable at 60°C. The oval shape has no sharp edges and the fabric is soft to the touch. Your baby’s safety is a priority.

Stig Leander Nielsen says: “It is important to me to create high quality products at reasonable prices because I strongly believe that quality enhances the joy of living. A cradle can obviously not replace the parents’ physical contact with their child but I hope, it can be a great help in their busy lives.”



  • A beautiful safe nest for your baby

  • The swaying is familiar and comforting 

  • Suspended from ceiling or tripod

  • Includes mattress and ceiling hook

  • Easy to store

  • Fully machine washable


Leander CRADLE Accessories

Cradle Tripod

Made from laminated beech wood, the Leander Tripod gives you another option to suspend the Leander Cradle if it is not feasible from the ceiling. The foot print is 120cm between each leg and the tripod stands 197cm tall. A telescopic tube is inserted into the top and you can extend it to touch your ceiling (felt capped) to ensure the tripod's stability - particularly if toddlers are around.




Cradle canopy

 The canopy adds style to the cradle while bringing the ceiling closer for your baby. The feeling of being in an enclosed nest combined with the swaying is familiar to your baby and has a calming effect.


 cradle top mattress

The top mattress is a quilted protector with a 100% cotton cover and a 50% cotton/50% polyester filling and you place it between the mattress and the sheet. Although not waterproof, the top mattress is water absorbent and can be machine washed at 60°C. Has Eco-Tex 100 certification.



Cradle fitted sheet

Each sheet pack has 2 fitted sheets in 100% cotton made to fit the oval mattress shape. Available in cot or junior size. Machine washable at 60°C and Eco-Tex 100 approved. White only.



Cradle ceiling hook

A ceiling hook is included with your Leander Cradle. Additional hooks may be purchased to suspend the cradle in different rooms. Must be fitted into ceiling cross beam.






This tepee with floor mat reuses the tripod and is a great indoor cubby for your child. Made from 100% cotton the neutral exterior doesn't interfere with the surroundings. The internal colourful pockets for treats and treasures will exite your little one. The "door" can be zipped closed or tied open for visitors, endless games and scenarios will be played out..

Height 197cm and foot print is 120x120x120cm as per the tripod.

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