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Bombol Bouncer

The Bamboo Bouncer by Bombol is a stunning product for your child. Designed by Frederic Gooris, it mimics the qualities of bamboo: it is light, durable and strong. The Bamboo frame reacts to the slightest of baby's movements while being strong enough to hold a toddler of 18kg. By removing the harness the Bamboo becomes a little chair. There are 3 colour choices, and the covers are machine washable at 30°C.


One Bombol Bouncer with frame and cover


3-7 Days -


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Bamboo is an Italian designed bouncer inspired by the amazing features of bamboo : it has a light structure with great flexibility while being strong enough to hold a child of 18 kg.

Despite the simplistic look of Bamboo, it is highly sophisticated. Bamboo allows your child to change position as well as experience soft bouncing movements. With all other bouncers, only the bouncer can move, and the child sits still.

Bamboo has a patented dynamic back rest (DBR) which is designed to help develop your child’s motor skills. The flexibility of the 3D frame doubled with the elasticity of the fabric lets your baby choose position by shifting its weight. The positions – sitting, playing or resting - interchange freely and promote healthy physical development. This means your child is able to move into a sitting position to be part of the action or can lay him or herself down for a rest.

The positions can be “locked” by adjusting the straps on the sides when needed, and most importantly they can be released again without removing the child or disturbing a sleeping baby. (Please note that Bamboo does not replace a bed)

The 3D curved frame is of a very precise construction that allows soft bouncing initiated by even the smallest of movements made by your baby while effortlessly carrying its load.

A New Born Kit (NBK) which has a shorter back rest and offer head support for a very young baby is available as an accessory. The original seat zips off and the NBK zips in.

The safety harness acts like a brace. It offers great support and peace-of-mind as your child develops and becomes more mobile. Your child will never tumble out of Bamboo.

Once the harness is no longer needed, it can be removed and Bamboo transforms into a comfortable little chair – perfect for a rest, watching TV or looking at books.

Bamboo is available in 3 colours: Spring (lime), Elephant (grey) or Coconut (cream). It weighs 3.5kg and the material can be washed at 30°C. Assembled dimensions are: 75(L) x 53(H) x 42(W) cm.
95% of the Bamboo bouncer can be recycled at the end of its life.



  • Allows child to change position by shifting its weight
  • Ideal for resting, sitting or playing.
  • Settings interchangeable without removing child
  • Machine washable
  • Holds up to 18kg
  • Suitable for newborn with a New Born Kit (accessory)
  • Remove harness and bouncer becomes a chaise lounge
  • Strong yet reactive to baby’s slightest movement
  • Tested and approved by European Laboratories
  • Weighs 3.5kg
  • Assembled dimensions are: 75(L) x 53(H) x 42(W)cm

95% of the Bamboo bounces can be recycled at the end of its life.


Patented Dynamic Back Support System  

The patented back rest design is flexible yet strong and will reverts to its original shape when released. It reacts to the lightest of touches yet is capable of holding up ot 18 kg.


Bamboo accessories

new born kit

The New Born Kit (NBK) replaces the original seat for the first weeks of baby's life as this kit is better suited to a new born's light weight as well as offering head support. The two seats are easily interchanged via a YKK zip.




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